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Selected Publications

“Upper Limit for the Decay Mode μ → e + γ”, Phys. Rev. Lett. 2 357 (1959) with
M. Bardon and D. Berley

“Measurement of the Momentum Spectrum of Positrons from Muon Decay”, Phys.
Rev. Lett. 14: 449 (1965) with M. Bardon, P. Norton, J. Peoples and A. Sachs

pp Inelastic Scattering at Small Momentum Transfer”, High Energy Collisions-1973, Ed. by C. Quigg (American Institute of Physics, New York) 147 (1973).

“Proton-Proton Inelastic Scattering at 0.5 TeV”, Phys. Lett. 65B, 177 (1976) with S. Childress, P. Franzini, R. McCarthy, R.D. Schamberger Jr. and P.M. Tuts

Quark Spectroscopy with a new flavor, Survey in High Energy Physics 2, 3 (1981)
“Observation of P-wave b¯b Bound States”, Phys. Rev. Lett. 49 1612 (1982) with the
CUSB Collaboration

“Υ Physics at CESR”, with P. Franzini, Physics Report 81C, 3 (1982)

“Upsilon Resonances”, with P. Franzini, Ann. Rev. Nuc. Part. Sci., 33, 1 (1983)

“Hyperfine Splitting of B-mesons and B-production at the Υ(4S)”, Phys. Rev. Lett. 65 2632 (1990) with U. Heintz, D.M.J. Lovelock, M. Narain, J. Willins, C. Yanagisawa, P. Franzini and P.M. Tuts

“Observation of the Top Quark”, Phys. Rev. Lett. 74 2632 (1995) with the DØ Collaboration

“The Status of DAΦNE And KLOE”, in the second DAΦNE Physics Handbook
eds. L. Maiani, G. Pancheri and N. Paver. ( S.I.S. INFN, Frascati) pp. 761-806 (1995)

“CP Violation in K-System”, J. Lee-Franzini and P. Franzini, Survey in High Energy
Physics 12, 1 (1998). e-Print Archive: hep-ex/9709007.

[This page is still a work-in-progress]
“Status Of Daphne and KLOE. By J. Lee-Franzini with P. Franzini”, Nucl. Phys.
Proc. Suppl. 71:478-483,1999
“Lepton and Photon Interactions at High Energies. Proceedings, 20th International
Symposium, LP 2001”, Rome, Italy, July 23-28, 2001, J. Lee-Franzini, F. Bossi, and P.
Franzini, eds. J. Mod. Phys. A17 (2002) 2925-3549.”
“A Flavor of KLOE. Juliet Lee-Franzini (LNF) with P. Franzini, (INFN, Rome) .
Invited talk, Final EURIDICE, Kazimierz. Acta Phys.Polon.B38:2703-2730,2007. e-Print:
“Precision Kaon and Hadron Physics with KLOE. J. Lee-Franzini with F. Bossi, E.
De Lucia, S. Miscetti and M. Palutan, Nov 2008. 92pp. Riv. Nuovo Cim. 31, 531 (2008),
e-Print: arXiv:0811.1929 [hep-ex].”